GreenBatt is a cost-effective battery refurbishing technology made to alleviate battery waste as thoroughly as possible while keeping heavy metals out of landfills and water supplies.

Using a proprietary state-of-the-art system and internationally patented additives, GreenBatt-renewed batteries boast the capabilities to function in their original specifications and perform as good as new batteries. The technology creates an energy source that is recyclable, with minimized wastage and full utilization - making it at once efficient and responsible to the environment and communities that utilize it.

How does it work?

The GreenBatt System refurbishing process depends on its charging system and sequenced procedures to refurbish batteries with different processes according to their physical conditions.

The GreenBatt - Intelligent Battery Refurbishing System (IBRS) and GreenBatt - Bassi System (BS) will be able to recognize and put the varying batteries through the specific processes accordingly. The Greenbatt System will also break up existing sulfation, known as one of the major causes of battery failure in cells and batteries.

During the refurbishing process, GreenBatt Additives will be added to each individual cell in a battery. Greenbatt Additives will form a protective layer for the battery plates that prevents accumulation of crystals or sulfation. Furthermore, GreenBatt Additives will be able to enhance and increase the life span of a cell or battery and improve battery chemistry by stopping shedding, preventing sulfation from occurring and dissolving sediments accumulated at the bottom of the battery in the renewed batteries.

GreenBatt’s Benefits

For the Consumers

  • Increased Battery Life
  • Decreased energy costs & repeated purchases of new batteries

For the Investors

  • Efficient and porfitable energy solution
  • Bright future growth in energy rich markets
  • Cheaper manufacturing costs

For the Environment & Community

  • Less reliability on fossil fuel usage
  • Less energy wastage
  • Less greenhouse-gas emissions
  • Less grid vulnevrability



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