Alocit System is a unique epoxy paint that is engineered to produce outstanding adhesion under the most severe conditions. Alocit System will adhere to steel, wood or concrete in wet, dry or oily conditions, even directly on sweating pipes or damp concrete. Oil, water and other surface contaminants are displaced by the coating as it is applied, allowing it to be applied anywhere, even in splash zones and underwater locations.

Alocit 28.15 series is a two-component epoxy coating. 100% solids and VOC free, it can be applied using brush, roller or spray (airless or using dual-component pump). A high standard of quality control, monitoring color consistency and application quality, is at the heart of Alocit System’s ability to outperform its rivals. Uniquely engineered to adhere on the most challenging substrates, while at the same time maintaining a level of usability without sacrificing environmental standards.

Product Information

Alocit 28.14 Epoxy Primer Coating

100% solids, zero VOCs two-pack epoxy primer containing zinc. Outstanding adhesive qualities on both dry and wet surfaces, providing excellent corrosion control. Can be used in conjunction with Alocit 28.15 as a primer to blasted surface. Indispensable where wet, moist or slightly oily conditions exist.

Alocit 28.15 Epoxy Coating Finish

Outstanding adhesion on oily and damp surfaces, underwater and in splash zones. Hard-wearing, easily cleaned, two-part epoxy finish for concrete, steel and ironwork. Resistant to light acids, oils, sewage, mechanical wear and chemical attack. Coating can be applied on dry, oily, wet or even underwater surfaces. High build (200 - 400 microns) per coat.

Alocit 28.95 Epoxy Primer

Two-part, clear epoxy primer with a very low viscosity for repair of cracked concrete, even if damp or wet. Used on dry or damp surfaces as a bonding agen, sealer, injection sealer or primer for repair and construction. Primer for other Alocit products, particularly at temperatures between 12° and 2°C.

Alocit Benefits

  • Can be applied to the wettest surfaces
  • Can also be used on oily surfaces
  • Gives fantastic adhesion
  • Very hard-wearing and long lasting
  • Can be used straight after water-jetting

Multiple Applications

  • Offshore rigs & platforms
  • Splash zones & decking structures
  • Sweating & non-sweating pipelines
  • Sheet piles, tunnels, floorings
  • Ballast tanks, hulls, bilge areas
  • Machinery & engine rooms
  • SBM, FPSO, FSO, ships & vessels
  • Other steel structures, components, parts, etc.



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